Easy Video Maker - Chroma Key Color/Green Screen

With Easy Video Maker, we can easy to remove a background color(Chroma Key Color) from an video or photo. For example, remove green/blue color from green/blue screen video, etc.

Here is a simple guide about how to use Easy Video Maker to remove the background green color from a Green screen video(recorded video with a background Green Screen).

How to use Easy Video Maker to remove and replace the background of a video or photo

Step1. Run Easy Video Maker, press "Red Plus button" to add a green screen video.
easy video maker
Step2. Simply add this green screen video onto a Overlay line, then right click it on Overlay line, and press "Video Chroma Key" to oepn "Video Chroma Key" window.
Step3. In "Video Chroma Key" window, check "Enable" option, then we can directly use mouse to select the color which we want to remove from the video, and we can do fine adjustment of the color range in the inputbox, once completed all settings, press "OK" button exit "Video Chroma Key" window. Here we directly use mouse to select background green color to remove it from the video.
Step4. At last, we can add new videos or pictures to the Video line as new background of this video.
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